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Landscaping Services

Sprinkler Installation

We at Seaman’s Lawn and Landscape Inc. know that your time is your most important asset. So why spend all your extra time hand watering your landscape. Let Seaman’s Lawn and Landscape Inc. install you an automatic sprinkler system. The foundation of every great looking landscape starts with a properly installed sprinkler system.

An automatic sprinkler system allows you to be in control of your landscapes water schedule

  • No more over or under watering
  • Water every time at the optimum time of the day
  • Even if you leave town your watering stays on schedule
  • By regularly watering you will see noticeable results in your lawn and landscape
  • No more dry spots, a well designed sprinkler system ensures proper coverage
  • Sprinkler systems aid in keeping the soil around your structure moist so foundation problems are less likely to occur. By controlling these aspects of water usage, you will enjoy the long-term savings of water as well as the convenience of not dragging hoses.


  • Sprinkler system repair – Seaman’s Lawn and Landscape Inc. is well equipped and trained in all aspects of sprinkler repair, from a broken main line to valve replacement we can handle your repair needs.
  • Rain and freeze sensor installation – these sensors can be installed to new or old sprinkler systems so you don’t water needlessly.
Our focus is consistency as well as quality workmanship - which we stress from our entire staff.