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Reconnect with nature by removing that boring patch of lawn and installing a low maintenance water garden. Did you know that ponds and water gardens are the fastest growing trend in landscaping today? It’s true, millions of backyards across America are being transformed into beautiful, low maintenance water gardens. Start planning today so you can relax alongside a water garden and experience the tranquility that transcends today’s stressful world. Environmentally friendly and completely customized water gardens can be installed anywhere just like ordinary landscaping. In addition, water gardens, like other types of landscaping mature with age increasing the value of your house more than any other type of home improvement. So join today the many satisfied homeowners who readily profess adding a water garden to their landscape was the best investment they have ever made.

Not only are water gardens attractive, they are also very low maintenance. We install natural looking water gardens using Aquascape Designs, Inc. ProPond Ecosystem. They have patented a pond philosophy that Mother Nature approves. Aquascape Designs, Inc. Ecosystem has 5 elements that work with nature to keep water crystal clear:

    These elements help filter the water and keep debris out so water stays clear.
    Recirculation of a water garden is essential to add oxygen to the water for fish and bacteria.
    To maintain a 0% water loss, and impermeable membrane is mandatory for water gardens. Furthermore, the woven underlayment allows gases to escape and unlike sand the underlayment will pad the liner even on vertical edges.
    These important elements are instrumental in protecting your liner from harmful ultraviolet rays as well as helping to prevent hydrostatic bubbling. Rocks and gravel throughout the bottom also provide the perfect substrate for bacteria to colonize thereby keeping water clearer.
    Plants remove nutrients from the water for their own nourishment. Fish eat insects and in turn fertilize the plants. Beneficial bacteria eat the nutrients that feed green water, therefore keeping the pond clear.


Eliminating any one of these variables, by attempting to cut corners, will increase maintenance and decrease water clarity. By establishing a working ecosystem you will work with nature instead of against it.

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