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Lawn and Landscape Maintenance

Seamans Lawn and Landscape Inc. offers a complete maintenance program that protects your investment and provides quality care to your regular lawn maintenance needs. Seamans provides well trained and uniformed maintenance staff with state-of-the-art equipment, and with notable employee retention we can ensure familiar and thorough care to your specific properties needs.

Over the years we have learned that our success, and that of your lawn and landscape, is best accomplished through a regularly scheduled service and a provider like us.

Frequency schedule

Seamans Maintenance Program:

Our maintenance program consists of the following services:

Weekly Lawn Maintenance:

This service will be performed on a weekly basis throughout the year. All turf areas will be professionally mowed and areas that meet the concrete will be edged. In addition, walkways and patios will be blown free of debris created by lawn material and kept free of weeds. We do not leave bags or clippings at your property.

Shrub and Bed Maintenance:

This service includes trimming and pruning your shrubs and ornamentals to maintain a natural shape taking into consideration the design intent of the actual plant material. In addition, cultivation and hand weeding will be done to all bedding areas to maintain a well groomed appearance.

Initial Scalping:

This service is done at the beginning of the growing season in March. Scalping your yard encompasses cutting the grass on a low setting (1 1/2 inches) and bagging. This removes the dormant turf and debris allowing sunlight to penetrate the roots of the grass better. Furthermore, scalping is done to prevent thatch build up and enable your yard to better make its transition from dormancy.

Crape Myrtle Pruning:

This service is done at the beginning of the new year. Pruning back the crape myrtle promotes healthy and attractive blooms and maintains the shape and height of the tree.

Cut Back Perennials:

This service is done at the beginning of the new year. It consists of cutting back dead perennial plant material that has been affected by the cold weather. This enables the perennial to return freely in the upcoming spring.

Winter Maintenance:

This service starts right after the grass goes into dormancy around November. It basically includes the removal of leaves and trash from all landscaped areas. This service will be scheduled as needed taking into consideration the number and size of trees on your property.

Additional/Optional Services

For mulch installation, seasonal color, gutter clean outs and more, please view our Additional Services page.

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